The ATMA Foundation Annual Donors’ Meet and Charity Dinner 2017 was hosted at The Garuda Hotel on 1st May 2017, from 5.30 to 8 pm.

After an informal interaction among the guests, the inaugural lamp was lighted by 3 couples – Smt & Sri Ramaswamy, Smt & Sri K B Brahmadathan, and Smt & Sri Prasanth Nath.

Sri K K Komalakumar, secretary, ATMA Foundation welcomed the guests.

Presentations on the various activities of ATMA Foundation were given by ATMA Trustee & volunteer Ms Parvathy G.

Sri A P Balakrishnan, Treasurer, gave an overview of the financial aspects of ATMA Foundation work.

Smt Radhika Krishnan talked to the guests about the functioning of the ATMA Gurukulam girls’ home.

Sri C K Suresh, Chairman, ATMA Foundation, presided over the feedback session. He outlined the expansion plans for ATMA Gurukulam and the extent of resource mobilization it would involve. Many guests gave their comments and feedbacks about the initiatives of ATMA Foundation.

The programme was interspersed with some beautiful singing from playback artiste Ms Shikha Prabhakar, amateur singers Mr Nisanth Eswar and Mr Subrahmanian and ATMA Kalakshetram students Mr Vishnu and Ms Aswathy.

The programme concluded with a buffet dinner, which was lively with friendly conversations and a musical performance by ATMA volunteer Mr Sajeevan and his team.