ATMA Kalakshetram- Arts Centre

The ATMA Kalakshetram promotes the learning and appreciation of classical arts as a means to achieve harmony and happiness in Life. Regular classes in Music, Dance and Violin are provided by expert artistes to students of all age groups. At present, the ATMA Kalakshetram has 3 branches – at Thrissur, Puranattukara & Kolazhi, with over 200 students and 5 teachers.

A unique aspect of ATMA Kalakshetram is the importance given to art as a culture and a lifestyle. There are classes for senior citizens, ladies, working people, etc. These classes have a therapeutic effect, and many have reported considerable decrease in stress levels, and marked improvement in mental and physical health.

Lecture demonstrations and performances by artistes and students are organized occasionally. Since 2012, ATMA Kalakshetram students have given more than 12 performances at different venues. 7 programmes – performances and lecture demonstrations – by expert artistes have been organized. Our students have also attended 3 workshops organized by other agencies.

The Team of Teachers at ATMA Kalakshetram includes:

  • Smt Nirmala Vamanan Namboothiri – Carnatic Vocal
  • Kalakshetra Raghi Satheesh – Bharatanatyam
  • Sri Giljith – Carnatic Vocal
  • Ms Dini Sunil – Carnatic Vocal
  • Ms Maneesha – Violin