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ATMA Foundation is a registered charitable trust and NGO that implements…


C K SURESH – Committed to creative social work since a very young age…

ATMA Gurukulam Expansion

Project Launched to build Boys’ Home & Girls’ Home for 150 children

ATMA Harmony Village

A residential centre away from the hustles of modern living,incorporating…


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For Young Leaders & Leadership Aspirants (15- 22 yrs)

Oct 2nd 2019, 9 AM – 5 PM

@ Paramekkavu Pushpanjali Auditorium, Thrissur – Round East

Kerala Floods – Relief & Reconstruction

ATMA stands with the people of Kerala
To support Relief & Reconstruction efforts!
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ATMA Gurukulam is an initiative by ATMA Foundation to provide a Home to children who are homeless, who do not have parents or who have no proper educational support.

Share your blessings, and Celebrate the Joy of Giving!

Your contribution will help us to empower individuals and families to lead happier lives with healthier relationships!!

 May ‘ATMA’ achieve its noble goal of ‘Aatmano Mokshartham, Jagath hithaya cha”. Congratulations for having taken this great step to attend to and address such grave problems facing society and trying to work towards a solution for these. Best Wishes to ATMA. 

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Sri Suresh Rajpurohit IPS, IGP- Training, Kerala Police Academy, Thrissur

After addressing the P2P youth seminar at Thrissur on 2nd August 2014


 ATMA Gurukulam, which contributes to the community by focusing on the education and character building of children, is an asset to Thrissur District. May the children here grow into great personalities with values. Salutations to those who are working for this! 

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M S Jaya

 I understand that the organisers of ATMA Gurukulam are sincere and are running the institution to incur divine blessings. The children here are of good character and have the desire to study well and come up in life. 

P C Ibrahim Master, Former Chairman, Board of Control for Orphanages & Other Charitable Homes, Kerala

On visiting ATMA Gurukulam on 3rd June 2014

 Extremely impressed with the satisfaction and happiness I saw in the girls’ faces at ATMA Gurukulam. Even the people taking care of the girls appear committed to a noble cause. A great place and wish them the very best. Exceeded all my optimism. 

Sri M S Ganesh & Smt Nithya Ganesh, Mumbai

After visiting ATMA Gurukulam on 4th March 2015

 Atma, to me, has been about meeting an organization that has integrity and is intelligent and noble. That some people exist who do care honestly about giving, and are also wise about how to give, and that they give with no expectations of returns is an eye opener. Atma has touched many individuals with wise counsel – thereby inspiring them to break open their shells and lead better, richer lives. 

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Prasanth G Nath, Management Professional, Bangalore

 ‘Living in Harmony’ training programme has highly improved the happiness quotient of our employees. We realised that a happy family of every employee results in better productivity at work effortlessly and it inevitably results in higher customer satisfaction. 

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Dr R Vignesh Devraj, Technical Director, Sitaram Ayurveda Pharmacy Ltd

“Volunteering with ATMA foundation was one of the best decisions I ever made. Not only did it provide me great exposure and hands on experience organising and managing events, it also brought about the much needed tact I lacked in handling certain relationships. Today looking back, I miss the pearls of wisdom that was freely given, the constant vibe of camaraderie, and the fresh and hot afternoon snacks! ATMA foundation will always be thought of with a feeling of immense gratitude.”

Thushara, Homemaker, Dubai