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ATMA Foundation is a registered charitable trust and NGO that implements service projects for social transformation and empowers individuals to serve society with compassion. ATMA extends support to socially and economically weaker sections of the society without any kind of discrimination.

The ATMA Story

ATMA Foundation was a creative response to a significant social need. It started from one man’s concern for the community and his wish to contribute to meaningful social change.

Alarmed at the increase in social negativities among youth – suicide, depression, drug abuse, addiction, teenage crimes, etc – C K Suresh, a counsellor, performance coach & social activist, started campaigns to spread the message of positive living and success among youngsters. From the feedbacks and responses, he realised that the root cause of these problems was the lack of love and healthy relationships. Behind every negativity, there was a broken family.

He also realised that this was a general trend – as the world shifts from a global family to a global market, values and relationships are the major casualties. Reclaiming them was an urgent need, and the most effective way to address these social problems at the cause level. He started the ATMA Foundation as a forum to assist people to lead happier lives with healthier relationships.

Formally registered as a charitable trust in 2006, ATMA Foundation has reached out to over 1 ½ lakh families, empowering individuals, assisting them to build healthy relationships in the family and workplace, enabling them to experience harmony, with oneself and others. ATMA also inspires people to share their blessings with less fortunate brethren, and take a pro active role in social well being. Thus, Empowerment & Compassion are the twin pillars of all ATMA activities, which are rooted in the core philosophy of Living in harmony.


Creative Intervention for Social Transformation through Effective Empowerment and Productive Compassion.


Empowering individuals, families and social groups to live happier lives with healthier relationships and serve less privileged fellow beings with Love, by fostering intrapersonal and interpersonal harmony.


Aatmano Mokshaya, Jagat Hithaya cha

ATMA Foundation is for people who want to Achieve the Best and Share with the Rest.

All our activities are ‘EC Initiatives’ – Empowerment & Compassion Initiatives.

At ATMA, Individual Empowerment forms the basis of all social work – an empowered individual with compassion to his fellow beings is a true change agent.


The visual of a person with his arm around another’s shoulder, represents the cause we stand for- Happy living through healthier relationships.   The larger triangle symbolises society and the smaller one on the bottom left –the individual. The globe symbolises the world – within the individual and around him.

Our Inspiration

Swami Chinmayananda – the Visionary Guru

Just as Mother Ganga flows down from the holy Himalayas to serve the plains, Gurudev, from the heights of Spiritual Empowerment, came down, in sheer Compassion, to awaken the masses… Our work is our Tribute to the Great Master!!


To channelise the energy and resources of empowered and contented individuals to support people in need and initiate positive social change.

To advocate and campaign for a value and attitude shift towards harmonious living among different sections of the society.