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“ATMA Gurukulam is the best thing that ever happened to me”
“I am proud that I belong to ATMA Gurukulam”
“I have improved so much since coming here”
“I am so happy to be part of ATMA Gurukulam”
These were the sentiments expressed by the children of ATMA Gurukulam when they shared their experiences during the Gurukulam Day celebration on 7 th October 2018 at ATMA Gurukulam, Puranattukara. More than150 people, including ATMA volunteers and well-wishers, and teachers, friends, and relatives of Gurukulam children attended the programme, sharing the joy of
togetherness. The children shared their achievements and spoke about how Gurukulam is helping them to evolve into better individuals. ATMA team members also shared their experiences of working and interacting with the children. The children gave some cultural performances, too. Sri C K Suresh, Director, ATMA Foundation, in his concluding address, urged everyone to become ‘Real Doers’ in social work, and to express their compassion in useful action. The programme, which began at 10.30 am, concluded at 1.30 pm, with a homely lunch prepared at ATMA GURUKULAM. It was a day of joy and cheer for the children as well as the guests. The guests gave very positive feedback – about the children’s performances, their confidence, their good health, their enthusiasm, and their obvious eagerness to succeed in life. Everyone was full of appreciation for the ATMA team led by Sri C K Suresh – for grooming the children so well, and for developing the ATMA Gurukulam into a Real Home for the children – and a model social work project.