ATMA Gurukulam

Light the lamp of hope. Let their future glow.


ATMA Gurukulam is an initiative by ATMA Foundation to provide a Home to children who are homeless, who do not have parents or who have no proper educational support.

At ATMA Gurukulam, we envision the transformation of these children into responsible and responsive leaders in their chosen fields – by inspiring them to dream big, nurturing their unique talents, empowering them to succeed in life, and instilling in them the compassion to serve their fellow beings.

Project ATMA Gurukulam

Project ATMA Gurukulam involves developing the building and infrastructure for separate Boys’ and Girls’ Homes, each accommodating 75 children – thereby taking in at least 150 children initially.


Ongoing Pilot Phase

The pilot phase of this project- the ATMA Gurukulam Girls’ Home – was started in 2011, in a leased building at Puranattukara, Thrissur. It was recognised by the Board of Control for Orphanages and other Charitable Homes, Kerala in 2014. So far, 29 girls have benefitted. With us, they have found more than a home – they have given wings to their inner potential. Some go on to become school toppers and some champions in sports. Some have earned scholarships from Kerala Sangeetha Nataka Academy. They are appreciated by teachers and peers for their winning attitude and readiness to help others. Our children are making us truly proud!!

Unique Approach

The ATMA approach to institutionalized child care is visionary, its effectiveness vouched by the achievements of the children.

The distinctive features of ATMA Gurukulam, which will be maintained and scaled up in the upcoming project, are:

  • Focus on Education & Holistic Development of every child
  • Mentoring by professionals & trained volunteers
  • Learning opportunities in arts & sports
  • Leadership Training & Value Education
  • and much more

The ATMA Gurukulam will be developed as an integral part of the ATMA Harmony Village – a unique project that integrates children’s homes, Senior Citizens’ Homes (for affluent elders as well as those who have no other support), Women’s Homes, Youth Homes, Working Women’s Hostels, Family Counselling Centre, Health Centre, Yoga Centre, Skill Development Centre, Arts Centre, etc in a single campus.

Developmental Care Plan

Children upto 18 years of age can be accommodated at the ATMA Gurukulam. They will be given regular schooling, with extra academic support wherever needed. They will also have the option of advanced training in arts or sports according to their talent and interest, utilising facilities like ATMA Kalakshetram, ATMA Sports Centre, etc in the Harmony Village.

Once they reach 18 years, they will be accommodated in the Youth Homes in the Harmony Village, until they complete their studies and get a job. Women, if they need, can then move into the Working Women’s Hostel in the campus.

The Greater Vision

Linking the children’s homes and elders’ homes in the ambiance of the ATMA Harmony Village will foster an atmosphere of happiness and harmony.

The children will receive the love and care of the ‘grandparents’. Interaction with children will fill the elders’ lives with renewed vigor and vitality. Both will gain the emotional security of a real home. The other projects in the ATMA Harmony Village will provide the children with good exposure and learning opportunities, helping their evolution into sensible and capable citizens of the future. Once implemented, the ATMA Harmony Village model will be emulated by many other caregivers, benefitting, even more, people in need. This will indeed change the very concept of institutionalized care! Project ATMA Gurukulam is the first step.


Project Details

  • Girls’ Home for 75 girls                                                      ●Boys’ Home for 75 Boys

Building & Infrastructure in accordance to the specifications of Juvenile Justice Act and other relevant Government Rules.

Facilities include:

  • Living space with sufficient amenities
  • Kitchen, Store & Dining Areas
  • Study Area, Library & Reading Room
  • Health & Medical Aid Room
  • Reception & Office Area
  • Prayer Room
  • Classrooms/ Halls for Art Education, Yoga, Martial Arts, etc
  • Recreation & Indoor Games Area
  • Outdoor Sports Area
  • Garden & Orchard
  • Staff Accommodation
  • Guest Rooms, etc

Budget Estimate:


Land*   2 Cr
Boys’ Home (75 children)    
Building with basic infrastructure 13000 sq ft x INR 2300/ sq ft 3 Cr
Other Amenities Furniture & fittings, Waste disposal & safety mechanisms, etc 1 Cr
Girls’ Home (75 children)    
Building with basic infrastructure 13000 sq ft x INR 2300/ sq ft 3 Cr
Other Amenities  Furniture & fittings, Waste disposal & safety mechanisms, etc 1 Cr

*More land is being sought to simultaneously develop other projects like Elders’ Homes which are integral to providing the right homely ambience to the children.

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