Atma Gurukulam (Ongoing Girls’ Home)

New Project – ATMA Gurukulam Girls’ Home & Boys’ Home


ATMA Gurukulam is a Girls’ Home, with focus on Education and Overall Development. It is recognised by the Board of Control for Orphanages and Other Charitable Homes, Kerala (Reg No:2289, 3/9/14). It is currently functioning in a leased building at Adatt Road, Puranattukara.

At ATMA Gurukulam, the unique brilliance and individual talents of every child are nurtured with care and developed under expert tutelage. Trained ATMA volunteers provide one – to – one mentoring and life guidance. The children are groomed to imbibe good values, confidence and leadership skills, enabling them to make their mark in the world, and serve humanity as powerful leaders with social commitment.

The ATMA Gurukulam takes into its fold, children in need of care and safety, who may not have a home or parents, or who may not have the means for education. These children are brought to us by school authorities, social workers, government agencies or LSG representatives, and are admitted after personal interactions with the social workers and volunteers at ATMA.

The ATMA Commitment

  • To provide long term educational support – by fully arranging and financing the child’s formal and non formal educational needs – until they are ready to stand on their own two feet.
  • To provide a secure living environment at the ATMA Centre under the loving care of kind and competent elders.
  • To nurture their academic and co curricular talents.
  • To inspire them to dream big and empower them to realize it.
  • To mould them into committed and responsible social contributors with Vision and Values.

Beyond Education

Apart from the regular schooling, the children are provided with the following facilities:

  • Extra academic support by qualified and experienced teachers – subject wise tuitions, entrance coaching, spoken english training, etc.
  • Dance and Music classes by expert artistes
  • Sports & Martial Arts coaching
  • Art & Craft Sessions
  • Yoga & Pranayama- training & practice

The children are exposed to a variety of life experiences to aid their growth, thus addressing the diverse developmental needs of every child. These include:

  • Participation in residential camps.
  • Volunteering at ATMA’s seminars and events
  • Fortnightly EC Youth Sessions
  • Involvement in various clubs and co curricular activities at school, etc.

The children have set up their own vegetable garden – they maintain it with the help of experienced agriculturalists, and home- grown vegetables are used for cooking their meals whenever possible.


Festivals like Onam and Deepavali are celebrated at the Gurukulam, adding to the joy and happiness of the children. Special days like Environment Day, Youth day, etc are also observed, with relevant activities involving their friends, too. Each child’s birthday is celebrated, with the participation of ATMA members. They are also taken on tours and outings with the ATMA Family.


Each child is assigned to a Mentor – a surrogate parent who provides emotional support and guidance to the child. Mentors are successful professionals from different walks of life, who have undergone ATMA training to effectively inspire and support children towards better success and achievement.


Yoga and Pranayama are included in the children’s daily routine. Their diet is planned with inputs from nutrition experts and doctors. Fertiliser- free home-grown vegetables form a major part of the cooked food. They also have regular medical checkups by a panel of experts- including dentists, ophthalmologists, general physicians, neurologists, paediatricians, etc to detect and correct any health problems at the earliest.
Shanti Hospital Kodakara, Govt. Ayurveda Dispensary Adat, Govt. Homeo Dispensary Adat, Public Health Centre Adat, Arya Medical Centre Thrissur, Sitaram Ayurveda Pharmacy Thrissur, and many eminent doctors from different fields have associated with us in providing quality healthcare to the children.


The children are responding very well to the special care at the ATMA Gurukulam. They are transforming into achievers -proving their merit in the Curricular and Co-curricular spheres. Two of our girls were school toppers last year, and one has been the school sports champion four years in a row. 4 girls have won the Kerala Sangeetha Nataka Akademi scholarship to study Bharatanatyam. Many of our children are part of prize-winning sports teams in their school. They have also won accolades at the state level craft competition.

Our children are improving their Leadership and Social Skills as well. They are well -loved by their teachers and peers for their initiative and their readiness to help others.

A Model Social Work Unit

ATMA Gurukulam is managed by experts in education, healthcare, psychology, management and social work and aims to function as a model of social work unit – an ultimate expression of compassion that comes through empowerment of the individual.

The ATMA Gurukulam Managing Committee consists of:

  • Shri. C. K. Suresh (Managing Trustee)
  • Shri. P. K. Krishnankutty (Correspondent)
  • Smt. Radhika Krishnan (Secretary)
  • Dr V Bindhu (Principal, Vidya Vihar Central School)
  • Smt. C K Niveditha (Teacher)
  • Ms. Parvathy G (Trustee)
  • Ms. Sangeetha N (Social Worker)
  • Smt. Prema B. Menon (Retd Vice Principal, Paramekkavu Devaswom Women’s College)
  • Smt. Krishnakumari (Retd Head Mistress, Sri Sarada Girls HSS, Puranattukara)
  • Smt. P. M. Mini (Teacher, Sri Sarada Girls HSS, Puranattukara)

The Next Phase

ATMA envisions the creation of the ATMA Harmony Village, where the children can celebrate life in its entirety in a Family atmosphere with elders and youngsters. This will be the headquarters of all ATMA Training Programmes and Activities in future.

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Sponsor a child for 1-7 years
Sponsor a Day’s expenses at the Gurukulam
Make a monthly contribution
Contribute to the Corpus fund for infrastructure development

If you want to get involved with the children at a deeper level, you can become a mentor. ATMA training programmes will empower you with the required skill set – you can share a child’s world and enjoy the relationship!


Volunteering is a wonderful opportunity for social service and self development…
Working with us will be a great learning experience, and will bring you immense satisfaction and pride.
You can contribute your time, skills and knowledge to help us with our organisational work.

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