ATMA Harmony Centre
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The ATMA Harmony Centre is a one-stop centre providing different kinds of services to the public, as part of various ATMA projects. It is currently functioning at the ATMA office in Paliyam Road, Thrissur. The present projects at the Harmony Centre include:

Free Counselling

Counselling support is available to anyone in need, by prior appointment, free of cost. The Counselling centre functions under the guidance of C K Suresh, Chairman of ATMA Foundation, who is an expert and experienced counsellor. He has developed his own approach of Harmony Counselling, wherein labelling is avoided, and the individual is empowered to achieve his needs on his own. Types of problems addressed include Self empowerment issues, Marital Relationship issues, Pre Marital Counselling , Academic Performance, Substance Abuse, Family Relationship Issues , Psycho pathological issues etc.

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L D Remediation Clinic

The remediators at the clinic help children with learning disabilities to improve academic performance, with counselling support to the children & parents. We propose to develop this into an integrated child guidance centre involving experts from different concerned areas.

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Yoga Therapy & Training

Yoga training is provided for stress relief and energy management. Yoga therapy is given to counter the effects of Life Style diseases like Diabetes, BP, Stress, etc.

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Art for Harmony

As art is a great stress reliever, therapy & learning opportunities are provided here by experts, benefitting people of all age groups.

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Both Yoga & Art Therapies are helping many people to come out of stress, depression, etc characteristic of the modern times.

To utilise the facilities of the ATMA Harmony Centre, contact us:
Ph: 91- 487- 2325232, 91-9400995232