Harmony Village

An ATMA Foundation Initiative

Community Abode

Elders' Homes
Children's Homes
Short Stay Homes for Destitute Mothers
Youth Homes
Working Women's Home
Elder's Day-care Centre

Community Health

Marital Guidance Centre
Harmony Counselling and Training Centre
Child & Adolescent Development Centre
Geriatric and Palliative Care Hospital
Mobile Medical Care Units
Holistic Health Hub
Medicinal Garden
ATMA Yoga Peetom
Mental Health Care Centre for Children and

Community Education &

ATMA Temple of Arts
ATMA Open School
ATMA Week-end School
ATMA Special Schools
Training & Development Hub
The Campsite
Outbound Training Centre
Livelihood Skill Station
Success Skill Development Centre

Community Development

Campaign Point
Community Development Facilitation Centre
Centre for Family-Based Interventions
Community Radio
Centre for Living in Harmony
Environment Centre
Sustainable Agriculture Centre
Gokula Gramam - Cow Village
School of Social Work
Research Centre

The ATMA Harmony Village is envisioned as a residential centre set in a peaceful environment, incorporating a variety of service projects under a single umbrella. It will be a Model Social Work Unit, utilising professional expertise in social work, psychology, health, management etc in concept and execution.

Some of the projects envisioned in the Harmony Village are:

ATMA Gurukulam

Childrens’ Homes – for Boys and Girls, with focus on their education & holistic development

ATMA Elders’ Homes

  • Quality Living Solutions for affluent elders who want to spend their retirement years actively – villas/ apartments in the Harmony Village
  • Safe and comfortable accommodation facilities for elders who have no support

When the Children’s Homes are linked with the Elders’ Home, the children will get seasoned mentors to guide their life; and elders, instead of discussing only death & disease, can spend the evening of their lives in the midst of activity – effectively contributing to social work, while their own needs will be satisfactorily met.

Geriatric & Palliative Care Centre

To ensure proper care to the elders in sickness

Women’s Home

To accommodate senior girls from the Gurukulam, and other destitute women and young mothers. Here such women inmates can also seek gainful employment in the Elders’ Home & Geriatric Care Centre and will become a powerful supporting voluntary force.

Youth Home

To accommodate children above 18 years from the boys’ home till their education is completed.

Child & Adolescent Development Centre

To help children with learning disabilities and academic difficulties with the comprehensive support of psychiatrists, psychologists, educators, remediators, special educators, etc. The possibility of developing it into a special school for such children will also be explored.

Holistic Health Hub

To assist people to combat stress and lifestyle diseases through healthy living options from Yoga, Ayurveda, Naturopathy, etc

Marital Guidance Centre

To conduct regular premarital trainings throughout the year, and provide facilities for pre & post marital guidance & counselling.

Harmony Counselling Centre

To be developed further to reach out to more people in need, assisting more families to live in harmony through new initiatives like Family Harmony Cottages.

 Mental Health Centre for Children & Adolescents

As an extension of our current campaigns among youth, in the background of increasing negativities among them, ATMA aims to establish a Comprehensive Mental Health Centre with focus on children, adolescents & youth. The institute will evolve an integrated remediation & rehabilitation programme, harnessing the possibilities of psychiatry, psychology, counselling, ayurveda, yoga, games, success skills training etc, addressing physical, emotional, cognitive, moral, social and spiritual aspects of personality, facilitating necessary realignments in attitude, aptitude and ecology. Expert professionals will be involved at all levels of programme formulation & implementation.

Research Centre

To scientifically explore the possibilities of Yoga, Music, Harmony Counselling, etc to assist people to lead happier and healthier lives.

Training & Development Hub

With residential facilities to conduct outbound trainings on Harmonious Living and skill development workshops for different groups


The ATMA Harmony Village will thus be the nodal centre of all ATMA activities, initiating and leading ATMA campaigns and service projects.

The different projects are mutually supportive. There will be an effective cross-utilisation of tangible and intangible resources, leading to long-term sustainability. The inmates of the Village can live with dignity, participating in the social service projects initiated here, effectively contributing back to society. This will add purpose, confidence and quality to their life.

The process of acquiring land for the ATMA Harmony Village has commenced.

This dream will soon be a reality.

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