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“Never put an age limit on your dreams” – this was the inspiring take-home message for the senior citizens who were a part of “CELEBRATE 55+”, a one-day workshop on Graceful Ageing conducted by ATMA Foundation on the 25 th of November, 2017 at Hotel Pearl Regency, Warriam Lane, Thrissur.The workshop contained several interactive sessions on relevant topics. Mr. Kalyan Ulpalakshan, Director, Gandhiji Prakrithichikilsa Kendram, conducted a session on Nutrition and healthy diet, Mr. K K Komalakumar, yoga trainer and the Secretary of ATMA Foundation, conducted an energizing session on Yoga, with special focus on Pranayama. Dr. Kanaka Prathap, a trichonologist and beauty consultant conducted an interesting session about ‘looking fresh’, which was entertaining, especially to the ladies of the group. This was followed by an inspirational session by Sri C K Suresh, Director, ATMA Foundation, and Renowned Counsellor and Relationship Expert, on the topic “Living in Harmony”. An energizing and interactive post-lunch session was next in line, which was conducted by Mr. Suresh Warrier, a corporate trainer who has more than 25 years of experience in the training field. He conducted a session on the importance of effective Family Communication. Many elders shared their
experiences during the session. He also took the audience on a journey through the different challenges
& possibilities as well as the myths & realities of old age. Dr. T G Gopinathan, Orthopedic surgeon and senior consultant of sports medicine and orthopedic surgery, currently working with Ashwini Hospital, Thrissur, took a session on health and exercise for elders. He gave tips on regular exercise and fitness.Towards the end of the programme, ATMA Board members, Smt Radhika Krishnan and Ms. Parvathy G gave a presentation on the activities of ATMA Foundation and also about the ATMA Gurukulam Expansion project. The workshop was concluded with a feedback session by delegates. The positive reviews received from many delegates, and the general energy level throughout the sessions, was a conclusive testimony to the effectiveness of the workshop.