1Is ATMA a religious/spiritual organisation?

No. ATMA is actually an acronym for ‘Attitude Training & Management Associates’, the management training institute started by C K Suresh in 1999. Later on, when he felt the need to create a platform for people to engage in self empowerment and social service activities, he registered ATMA Foundation as a charitable trust in 2006. The basic philosophy of ATMA Foundation is Living in Harmony – a set of practical concepts evolved by C K Suresh.

2To be a part of ATMA activities, is formal membership compulsory?

It is desirable, not compulsory. Anyone is welcome to our monthly family get together. You can also volunteer for us in your spare time or during major programmes. However, to be a part of the decision- making team, you will require a formal membership.

3If I know of a child in need, can I recommend her to ATMA Gurukulam?

Sure. We will be happy to help. All you have to do is to ask the child’s present guardians to contact us by phone or email. We can admit the child provided she satisfies the required criteria.

4Can I get CDs of talks by C K Suresh?

Yes. Please contact us by phone or email.