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Committed to creative social work since a very young age, C K Suresh has been an active presence in many social and cultural organizations since 1977.

Inspired and guided by Pujya Swami Chinmayanandaji, he has spearheaded the Youth Movement of Chinmaya Mission – All India Chinmaya Yuva Kendra (CHYK) – for over 3 decades. During his long years of association with CHYK, Suresh, a master team builder, had been able to inspire and lead young minds to work individually and collectively for several social causes with a view to progressive change.


Suresh believes Individual Transformation is the means to Social Change. In 1997, he founded Attitude Training & Management Associates (ATMA) – an Excellence Training Institute for Individuals and Organizations. He has since completed about 4000 training sessions in India and abroad.

A passion to effectively catalyse personal change to help bring out the best in individuals has steered C K Suresh to Performance Coaching. Based on his experience and learning in Psychology and a deep understanding of Indian wisdom and values, he has developed a unique concept called ‘Harmony Counseling’. This approach empowers the individual to solve his own problems by tuning his relationships with himself and others. This helps in avoiding psychological labeling and discourages stigmatization of conditions which are natural responses in the normal lives of human beings. For over 30 years now, C K Suresh has been devoting a major portion of his time to harmony counseling, which he does free of cost.

He is also a regular faculty for individual and team development projects of many corporate, educational and social organizations.

Vision & Approach

Suresh’s vision of “helping people help themselves” urges him to adopt a Vision- Oriented Cognitive Approach in his sessions. He emphasizes Intelligent Application more than Intellectual Understanding for Positive Change.

Based on his extensive experience in the fields of management, psychology, spirituality and social work, Suresh has developed the practical philosophy of ‘Living in Harmony.’ This is basically an attitude to life. Life is a life-long celebration, and every individual can celebrate life by focusing on harmony within the self and with others. To explore and spread the possibilities of Living in Harmony, C K Suresh established the ATMA Foundation in 2006.


A Post Graduate in Psychology, Management and Journalism, C K Suresh is an Accredited Trainer of NF- NLP, Florida, in Neuro-Linguistic Programming and also a Trained Expert in Transactional Analysis and Handling Learning Disabilities. Suresh has also received advanced training in NLP from Dr Richard McHugh & Dr William Horton.


His ‘Tips on Effective Living’ was a major segment in Udayarashmi, a programme on Asianet, for over 400 episodes. Later he did a segment titled ‘Gitamritam’ in Suprabhatham, another programme on Asianet, which threw light on the application of Bhagavad Gita in daily life. Suresh has also produced and anchored “Out of Syllabus,” a campus debate series on Amrita TV for 1 ½ years.

Awards & Recognitions

Vocational Excellence Award – 2012-13 from Rotary Club of Thrissur Central
Best Regional Coordinator of All India Chinmaya Yuva Kendra for four successive terms.

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