Social work is an immensely enjoyable and satisfying experience.
It is all about transforming lives – others’ and our own.
Here is your opportunity to do your share to the society-
Get Involved with ATMA Foundation!

FINANCIAL SUPPORT – Donate to ATMA Gurukulam

Lump sum donations

Sponsor a child for 7 years INR 350,000
Sponsor a child for a year INR 60,000
Sponsor a month’s expenses at Gurukulam INR 75,000
Sponsor a day’s expenses at Gurukulam INR 3000

Monthly Contributions

A regular contribution of any amount greater than INR 1000/- every month to support the day-to-day functioning of ATMA Gurukulam

Contribute to the ATMA Corpus Fund

Any amount for the land acquisition and infrastructure development of ATMA Harmony Village

Donations can be sent to us as cheque/DD in favour of ‘ATMA Foundation Thrissur’, payable at Thrissur.

Bank Account Details

For Contributions from within India:

Bank Account No: 0721101060839

Sri Krishna Building, West Palace Road, Thrissur- 680001


For Contributions from Foreign Countries, please contact us by phone or email, for details of the FCRA account.


Welcome to ATMA Fraternity!!

It is the structured body of friends and well wishers of ATMA.

Its objective is to lead, execute and support the activities of ATMA Foundation.

ATMA Fraternity supports the trust

  • to provide guidance and support to the needy
  • organize talks, training programmes, seminars, workshops, media campaigns
  • run various projects and institutions like Gurukulam ..etc

Membership contributions in certain categories shall directly go to the corpus fund of the Trust.

For membership details, please contact us by phone or email.


ATMA offers internship opportunities to students of social work programmes for their concurrent or block field work. Students of other courses can also intern with us to complete their course requirements in social work.

Interested students or faculty may please contact us early enough so that we can work out a suitable internship programme.


The core strength of ATMA Foundation is a team of committed volunteers who contribute their time, energy and resources to make our projects a success. Volunteering at ATMA is a joyous, enriching and satisfying experience – an opportunity to serve others and grow oneself.

We invite you to join this fabulous team!

To know more about how you can contribute, contact us by phone or email.