The rains have wreaked havoc, and the devastation remains – the struggle is only beginning. In this hour of crucial need, ATMA Foundation stands firmly with our people, doing what we can to support the relief and reconstruction efforts. In the first few days of the deluge, apart from the physical involvement of our volunteers in rescue and relief efforts, we could source 6 truckloads of drinking water (nearly 90,000 Litres) to many badly hit regions. We could also mobilize cleaning materials worth around INR 20,000 to people who were trying to make their homes habitable again. Counseling sessions were also conducted in relief camps.

Our sincere gratitude to all the donors who supported this work!

In the next phase, we are planning a four-pronged approach.

Rehabilitation and reconstruction projects – identify a geographical area with real and pressing need, develop a suitable plan with professional support, and mobilize resources for rebuilding, with the involvement of local voluntary labor. 

Assistance to grass-root level voluntary organizations – mobilizing resources for VOs which have&volunteer force, but are struggling for resources – providing value addition to the donors’ contribution.& THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT.

Support center – to offer guidance and support to people in liaising with govt agencies, insurance companies, etc, to get back their lost papers, get the benefits from various govt schemes, etc. The center will also offer guidance in different required areas – financial planning, rebuilding, etc. 

Counseling support – to help people deal with trauma and loss

Specifics will be worked out as more clarity about the needs emerges.

The goodwill and contacts of ATMA Foundation will be utilized to the maximum possible extent in ensuring that relief and support extended by a donor, reaches the people with real need, with the added value of the untiring work of our volunteers and other similar agencies.