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Since inception, ATMA Foundation has been taking up various campaigns based on relevant social issues. The mass involvement in these campaigns and the positive transformation of the participants at an individual level, have earned us wide-spread public goodwill as a ‘Champion of Campaigns’.

Our major campaigns are:


Based on the concept of Living in Harmony, Public Seminars, Workshops & Talks are conducted, inspiring people to Live Happier Lives with Healthier Relationships.

Living in Harmony ( LIH) is a practical philosophy of Vision Oriented Value Based Happy Living.

It was developed by C K Suresh, the founder director of ATMA Foundation, from his rich experience in management, psychology, spirituality & social work. It is a fine blend of Ancient Wisdom with modern techniques.

Every Individual is a complex entity – his relationships and interactions with the even more heterogeneous world are highly intertwined and dynamic. Living in Harmony scientifically analyses the complex individual and his complicated interactions and simplifies them, leading to intrapersonal and interpersonal Harmony.

ATMA Foundation conducts programmes to spread the concepts & practice of Living in Harmony.

LIH Public Seminars:

Each seminar consists of evening talks by C K Suresh of 90 min duration for 3- 5 days with 1- hour Harmony Meditation training in the morning, special programmes like Family Harmony Workshops, and exclusive sessions for youth and children.

LIH Based Sessions:

Short talks or ½ day workshops for families, organisations or groups.

LIH Process Labs:

5 Day Residential Training on the Practical Application of LIH, in a calm and serene environment, with Introspection, Awareness Enhancement, Emotional Cleansing, Sharing, Guided Interactions etc.

LIH Corporate Labs

A Holistic training program for corporate personnel, to empower the person, so that he can fulfill his roles better. The contents and processes are based on Living in Harmony, with an effective blend of concepts and techniques ranging from Yoga & Meditation, to Modern Management, TA & NLP. The modules are freshly designed for every organization, to meet specific needs and objectives.

Harmony Meditation

5 sessions of 60 min duration each. Simple relaxation practices to increase awareness and get in touch with oneself, Flexible & individual – oriented methods Suitable for all age groups.



It is a campaign to ensure a safe social atmosphere and loving family environment for children. It was launched by ATMA Foundation in January 2013, in response to an alarming spate of crimes against children, often from adults responsible for them – family members, guardians, teachers, etc.

The Concern

  • Increasing physical & mental trauma faced by children in Kerala.
  • Increased involvement of children in crimes & other social negativities.

The Root Cause

  • Erosion of love in the family & values in education as we move away from Global Family to Global Market.

The Call

More Love in Our Families, More Values in Our Education, Safer Society for our Children.

The Campaign

The Campaign was launched on 11th January 2013, with a meeting attended by distinguished dignitaries and representatives of organisations to discuss the various aspects of the issue and how to raise public awareness about it. ATMA volunteers conducted presentations in 24 campuses to spread the message among youth.

On 24th & 25th January 2013, ATMA Foundation organised a two – day Upavasam and Jagratha Sangamam at Sree Vadakkumnatha Kshetra Maidanam, Thrissur, to stir the social conscience about the atrocities committed against children. Celebrities and eminent personalities across fields supported the cause by their participation. The event raised awareness among the public through Exhibition, art, performances, street plays, panel discussions, talks, and booklet distribution. Over 4000 people participated in the main event.

The dignitaries who participated in the main event include

  • Sri Therambil Ramakrishnan, MLA
  • Adv C K Saji Narayanan (All India President BMS)
  • C N Jayadevan, MP
  • M T Ramesh, NEC Member, BJP
  • Swami Bhoomananda Theertha
  • Swami Adhyatmananda
  • Swami Purushothamananda
  • Br Jayasanker, Amritanandamayi Math
  • P N Unnirajan (S P CBCID)
  • Dr Lakshmi Kumari (Director, Vivekananda Vedic Vision Foundation)
  • Sri Balachandran Chullikkad (Poet)
  • Smt Nalini Chandran, (Educationist)
  • Smt Sheeba Amir (Social Worker)
  • Smt K B Sreedevi (Writer)
  • Sri Vidyadharan Master (Music director)
  • Ms Rima Kallingal (Cine Artiste)
  • Sri Sivaji Guruvayur (Cine Artiste)
  • Ms Gayatri, Mr Anoop Sankar, Mr AbhiramUnni (Play back singers)
  • Sri Yaga Sreekumar (Painter)
  • Sri Nanda Kishore (Stage artiste)
  • Sri M K Devarajan (Cine director)
  • Sri C Rajendran, Sri K Jaya Krishnan, Sri Cheppad Vamanan Namboothiri & Smt Nirmala Vamanan (A I R Artistes)
  • Smt Sudha Marar (Violinist)
  • Dr Vijaya Kumar, Mr Suresh Warrier, Mr Jacob Netto, Mr Paulson, Smt Pearly Jose (Professional Trainers)
  • Adv B Gopalakrishnan
  • T C Sethumadhavan
  • Sri M S Sangameswaran (District President, Satya Sai Seva Samiti)

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PROBLEMS to POSSIBILITIES is an ongoing campaign that advocates an approach of creative intervention to combat new–generation adolescent issues– to harness their possibilities for effective living to prevent/remedy their mental & social problems. Target groups include Adolescents, Parents & Teachers. Addressed issues include scholastic performance, career options, substance abuse, teenage crimes, relationship problems and other deviant behaviours.

“Problems to Possibilities: Look Forward & Transform” is a Mega Campaign with a training perspective, assisting our youngsters to overcome their problems and focus on their possibilities.

The Concern

  • Increasing social issues among adolescents and youth – substance abuse, sex, crime, self – harm, suicide, tech-traps, academic failures, etc.
  • Average age of involvement in negative acts coming down every year
  • Lack of awareness of concerned adults about the gravity of the situation and their helplessness in effectively dealing with such deviant behaviour.

The Need

  • Empowerment & Transformation of Adolescents and Youth habituated with deviant behaviours
  • Inspiring and enabling youngsters to live with purpose; achieving their best and sharing the benefits with the less privileged fellow beings
  • Helping adolescents individually to identify their strengths and improve upon other areas of their personality

The ATMA Vision

Creation of a ‘Holistic Emotional Health & Empowerment Centre’ for Adolescents & Youth with Effective Research, Remediation & Rehabilitation facilities: to provide holistic professional support in physical, emotional, cognitive and spiritual aspects; addressing attitude, aptitude & ecology; harnessing the possibilities of psychiatry, psychology, counselling, ayurveda, yoga, games, success- skill training, etc.

The Present Project

  • Professional & Elaborate Field Study on Needs & Challenges of Adolescents & Youth
  • 100 Parenting Seminars
  • 100 Campus Seminars for Students
  • Residential Camps
  • Mega Seminar involving distinguished dignitaries
  • Special Seminars & Programmes

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Saha Dharmam Chara is a programme of pre- and post marital guidance and training. It consists of a series of residential and non residential workshops – for youngsters who are about to get married, and for recently married couples – to empower them to create harmony within the marital relationship. The workshops include sessions by experts on topics like Physical, Emotional, Financial & Social aspects of Marital Harmony, Values and Conflict Resolution in Marriage. A two-day syllabus development workshop was conducted in August 2009 at Kerala Institute of Local Administration, Thrissur. We are on the lookout for a sponsor agency to launch this initiative on a large scale.

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