ATMA CADC – Child & Adolescent Guidance

ATMA Child & Adolescent Development Centre

A one-stop centre for holistic resolution of child and adolescent issues.


Issues addressed  include

  • Academic/ Scholastic backwardness
  • Behaviour Problems
  • Emotional problems
  • Habit Disorders
  • Personality Disorders
  • Intellectual Problems
  • Perceptual & Learning Problems
  • Psychosomatic Problems
  • Somato-psychic problems
  • Neurosis & Childhood Psychosis … and other similar issues


Facilities provided at the ATMA CADC include  

    • Counselling
    • Assessment
    • LD Remediation
    • Career Guidance
    • Yoga Therapy

… etc


ATMA CADC facilitates the integrated support of related fields like Psychiatry, Psychology, Counselling, Ayurveda, Homoeopathy, Naturopathy, Yoga, etc to ensure holistic wellness and growth of the child.

ATMA CADC is supported by a panel of experts led by:

    • Dr Sailaja Ramkumar, MD, Neuropsychiatrist
    • Dr Deepa Deepak, MD, Psychiatrist
    • Smt Devikrishna, MPhil (Psy), Clinical Psychologist
    • Dr Sujatha K G, MD, Consultant Paediatrician
    • Dr Ciju Raveendranath, MD, Consultant Paediatrician
    • Dr Sheeba Sunil, MD (Ay)
    • Dr Smina P B, MD (Ay)
    • Dr Jagathi Muraleedharan, MD (Hom)
    • Dr K S Jyothsna, BNYS, Naturopathy & Wellness Consultant
    • K K Komalakumar, Yoga Trainer
    • Anil Kumar P, Yoga Trainer
    • C K Suresh, Trainer, Counsellor & Performance Coach, NLP Master Trainer



ATMA CADC also provides referrals & guidance for other services which the child or family may require.


Consultation by Appointment Only
For Appointment Contact: 0487 – 2325232, 8330010040